Services  of A Criminal Defense Attorney

The job of a federal criminal defense attorney is the same as any other defense attorney, except they deal exclusively with federal crimes. Some examples of the type of cases they deal with include mail fraud, bank fraud, money laundering and public corruption. They will fight and negotiate with federal officials on your behalf.

They will also represent people who have been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury. They could either be a witness, subject, or the target of an investigation. Regardless of the reason, these people will need representation from someone experienced in dealing with federal matters. Someone may believe that they are only a witness for the accused, but at the end of their testimony, they could end up becoming a target and also charged with a crime. This is the reason it is imperative to obtain legal counsel prior to becoming involved with a federal criminal investigation. Learn more? visit

If you find yourself involved with a federal criminal investigation, contact a criminal lawyer who specializes in federal law as soon as possible, so you may get the help you need right away. The lawyer will help you deal with the investigation, and advise you of the details of the situation you may be involved in. They have knowledge of federal laws that can help you deal with a federal prosecutor, and perhaps get you a deal that will be beneficial to your case. Contacting a lawyer in a timely fashion may mean the difference between spending time in a federal prison and going home.